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Customize Your Bash Prompt

Like IRC, the bash shell is intimidating for the beginner and is something that you kind of just have to get used to. Unlike IRC clients, however, there are all sorts of fun ways to customize your prompt and shell environment to better suit your workflow (and your style). While we're going to leave more complex scripting assignments for later, expect to exit this tutorial with a more useful, and fun, prompt. More

Starting a Blog, Preparing for Pycon

Phew! It has taken me way too long to officially start this blog. To be honest, between trying to gain fluency in computer science, trying to pick up programming, working on periodic front-end projects, co-organizing PyLadies PDX, and working as a community organizer for Code Scouts, I don't know when I'm going to have the time to blog. I should ask in advance for your forgiveness--these pages will undoubtedly contain typos, glaring omissions, and the inevitable error here and there. Particularly anything I write in the near future, because I'm trying to prepare myself for MY FIRST PYCON!!!! More

CLI for Beginners

With the command line comes great power--and great responsibility. Learn the basics of Unix and bash--and how to stay out of trouble-- and I promise that once you get a taste you'll just want to keep learning more. More

Get Started in Open Source, v.1

This post represents (a slightly more coherent version of) my notes from Jessica McKellar's PyCon tutorial, "Contribute with Me"....turned into a roadmap, of sorts. It's one that I'm going to follow, so I will reiterate Jessica's plea--"contribute with me!" More

IRC Primer

IRC can be intimidating for the beginner, especially since there’s a lack of good (and up-to-date) material online. For those of us who grew up in the age of the GUI, there's something about the antiquated 'look and feel' of IRC that is also difficult to get a mental handle on. Don't worry--follow these instructions and you'll be savvy in no time. More

Get Started with Git and Github

I bet if we were to poll 100 programmers about the most difficult tools to pick up as beginners, Git (and to a lesser extent Github) would be at the top of 99 of their lists. We won't cover all there is to know about Git and Github in this tutorial, but there should be enough here to get you started with the basics. More